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About istone

The pinnacle of stone surface innovation

Eclipsing all others, istone stands as the unparalleled choice in today's design market as the global winning stone surface boasting unrivalled durability and state-of-the-art technology for its international award winning sustainability and performance. THE MOST SUSTAINABLE SURFACE ON THE MARKET.

Beyond its contemporaries, istone promises more than mere endurance: it offers full-body porcelain continuity, like no other, setting it leagues above both natural and engineered stones for durability, performance, versatility and global winning excellence for product design and sustainability.

As a testament to its quality, it not only outperforms but sets a new benchmark for design sophistication and functionality. Anchored in superior sustainability, creativity, and unmatched elegance, istone is the stone surface ahead of the curve. 

Dive into a realm where aesthetics, unique finishes meet supreme value, where istone large format porcelain reigns supreme, guaranteed.

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A revolutionary manufacturing process


 Innovative excellence

For over 40 years, Spain's INALCO has led the porcelain industry with groundbreaking research and development. As the world's first to embrace H2O full digital technology, INALCO champions sustainable, high-resolution designs that mirror nature's beauty and offers unique and distinguished surfaces for the architecture, fashion, furniture, and interior design sectors.

Unique 360-degree design ensures seamless visual continuity throughout the whole slab. A defining feature of pioneering innovation and design excellence. Hence, the global product winner for design excellence in 2023.  Discover the future of architectural stone surface with istone porcelain.

Call in to view the full slabs with the unparalleled innovation and unique design aesthetics and finishes. Create designs with a difference.  Contact us today.

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Why iStone is the future for building.



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